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For All Your Dog Training and Boarding Needs

Award Winning Labradors Windsor Virginia

The relationship between a dog and its owner is a unique connection. 

"We work with a small number of dogs at a time so that we create a more personal relationship with the dog and its owner".  

"We believe in quality over quantity," say's John Kello, Owner and Trainer at

West Wind Retrievers & Training. 

John "Scooter" Kello

"Scooter" was born and raised in Windsor, VA  and has been an avid hunter since childhood. He begin training hunting dogs when he was just 13 years old.


With over 20 years of dog training experience, Scooter has had the privilege of training dogs all over the world.  Seven of those years was while working with the United States Marine Corp in the Middle East and here in the US. 

Award Winning Labrador Retrievers in Windsor Virginia, Labrador Breeding and Stud Service with Champion Bloodlines West Wind offers Obedience training, Gun Dog Training, Breeding and Boarding Services.  

Scooter Kello West Wind Retrievers

West Wind Retrievers & Training takes great pride in providing the best possible service to all our clients.

Client Reviews

Trains Them Like His Own

"I've known John for a long time and what he does with these dogs is amazing. He definitely treats them and trains them like his own. What he did with Drake is awesome. I have recommended and will continue to send dogs and clients his way as well as send my future dogs to him."

                                                     ~ Justin B

In His First Few Weeks...

"John did an awesome job training my black lab to be a gun dog. When I got my dog back I could see the time he has spent training him. In his first few weeks he had him ready to pass his first junior hunt test, and he easily passed it. He is an honest trainer and doesn't waste your time, he will tell you what your dog is capable of."

                                               ~ Everett W.

Every Dog I have ...

"We sent Abby to John last year. She left us an uncontrollable mess and returned a well trained, obedient animal. It was amazing what a few short months did for her. It was worth every penny we spent. Every dog I have from now on will be trained by WWRT."

                                                 ~ Ida D.

West Wind Retrievers Training, Boarding, Labradors

11368 Windsor Blvd., Windsor, VA 23487


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