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Competition Training

For the competitive dog owner and sportsman

Competition Training westwindretrievers_windsor_va%25252520wh

Even if competition is not your ultimate goal, the relationship that training forms between you and your dog will be very rewarding. 

Competition Training

You're interested in leaning more about Competitions but not sure where to start?  Allow us to help you through the basics.

Q. Why participate in competitions?


A. Hunt tests and Field Trials are family-oriented events.  They not only allow your dog to spend more time with your family, but also connect you to a network of great people, who share your same love of quality working dogs.  A common misconception is training a dog for Hunt Tests or Field Trials is something different than what people want in a gun dog. This isn't true at all. Elements involved in a Hunt Test or Field Trial are representative of real hunting scenarios your dog is likely to encounter.  The biggest difference between a "Gun Dog" and a "Competition Dog" is their level of training and their handling ability.  No matter what level of AKC or UKC event you're interested in, West Wind Retrievers & Training can help prepare you and your dog to enjoy them and bring home some ribbons and titles!  

Q. What's the difference between a "Hunt Test" and a "Field Test"


A.  A Hunt Test, is an event at which the natural ability and training of a gun dog is evaluated against a written standard. Each dog that meets this standard, earns a "Pass."  Hunt Tests are organized by the American Kennel Club (AKC), the North American Hunting Retriever Association (NAHRA), and the United Kennel Club (UKC).  Hunt Tests are a great way for your retriever to gain titles.  Eligible Hunt Test breeds include, but are not limited to: Boykin Spaniels, Chesapeake Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Standard Poodles. 

During a Hunt Test, your dog is competing against the test, which focuses of certain standards. 


A Field Trial is a competitive event, at which retrievers compete against one another. Field Trials are generally considered more competitive than hunt tests, in that success at a Field Trial requires a higher level of training than success at a Hunt Test. For example, in Retriever Field Trials, dogs retrieve over longer distances with a more complex path, than a Retriever Hunt Test would generally provide. Eligible Field Trial breeds include, but are not limited to: Chesapeake Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and Labrador Retrievers.

During a Field Trial, your dog is competing against other dogs.

Gun Dog Training WestWindRetrievers.jpg

" Mazey"

Call Name: Mazey


Breeder: Mary Howley

Owner: Sonny Williams

Trainer: Scooter Kello


Master titled at 22 months old. She has several HRCH passes just waiting on the test to open to get the title. Thank you to Mary Howley for breeding such a fine animal and Sonny Williams for allowing us the pleasure of training her.

Stud Service Champion Bloodlines West Wind Retrievers

" Tigger"

Call Name: Tigger

AKC: Lochmuir Titus Brenjon"

Breeder:  West Wind Retrievers & Training

Owner: John & Sara Kello

Trainer: Scooter Kello


AKC Senior Title and UKC HR Title

Our trainers  are both knowledgeable and personable at West Wind.  We will  walk you though all aspects of the Competition. 

We also offer award winning handling services for the owner that doesn't like to be in the spotlight. 


Programs & Investment

Please complete the WWRT Training Contract and bring it with you when you drop your dog off for training. 

Started/ Junior Hunter
During the Started/ Junior Hunter training your dog will go through basic obedience training (sit, here, and heel), Electronic Collar conditioning, force fetch (delivering to hand), whistle sit, introduction to birds, gunshot, and more.  

Upon completion of this level of training your dog will be able to run single marks, delivering to hand after returning the bird to the handler both on land and in water.

This is a 4 Month Min Program
Your investment: $800/Month

Seasoned/ Senior Hunter
During the Seasoned/ Senior Hunter training, your dog will be able to run multiple marks out to 65-100 yards, depending on your dog’s development, both on land and in water, with varying terrain and cover.  

They will also be able to run a cold blind on land and water, in which a bird is already planted in the field, and use hand signals to direct them to the bird. 


This is a 6 - 8 Month Program
Your investment: $800/Month

Finished/ Master Hunter
At the Finished/Master Hunter level, your dog will have graduated to a highly advanced level of training.  Your dog will be able to run triple marks at long distances, multiple blinds, honor another dog running, be able to navigate different terrains (brush, corn, peninsulas, etc.).  They will also be able to run off dog stands, out of boats, from dog blinds, and show high levels of obedience.


This is a 9 - 12 Month Program
Your Investment: $800/Month

Competition Training Windsor Va

11368 Windsor Blvd., Windsor, VA 23487


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