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Gun Dog Training

For those who want their dog to be a good hunting companion


Our Gun Dog program is offered for those who want their dog to be a good hunting companion. We customize our Gun Dog Training program for each dog, based on their personality, as well as the owner’s goals, to assure a successful training experience.

Gun Dog Training

Our most ask questions about Gun Dog Training

Q. At what age should I enroll my retriever in your program?


A. All retrievers are eligible for Gun Dog Training, after they have reached 6 months of age or their adult canine teeth have developed. Gun Dog Training lasts a minimum of 3 months, depending upon the level of training desired.

Q. How long does it take to train


A.  Gun Dog Training lasts a minimum of 4 months, depending upon the level of training desired.

Programs & Investment

Please complete the WWRT Training Contract and bring it with you when you drop your dog off for training. 

Basic Gun Dog Training

Our Basic Gun Dog Training program teaches your dog the basics of retriever training and includes the Basic Obedience Program, as well as force fetching (forcing hold command & fetch command). The basics of hand signals are taught during this time as well, so that in the event you want additional field training, your dog will have an advantage. Your dog will be introduced to gunshots, decoys, duck calls, blinds, and 4-wheelers during this stage of training, while being highly socialized around other dogs. You can expect your dog to be obedient at home and in the field be able to perform simple marks on both land and water.


Basic Gun Dog Training Includes:

Basic Obedience Training
Force Fetching/Hold
Steadiness to Gunshot
Whistle Commands
Basic Handling Drills
Bird to Hand
Single Land and Water Marks
Exposure to Birds; live flyers, ducks, cripples as well as dummies
Collar Conditioning

This is a 4 Month Min Program

Your Investment: $850/month

Advanced Gun Dog Training

Our Advanced Gun Dog Training Program will further your retriever’s skills into some advanced commands and understanding. All dogs must be have completed our Basic and Intermediate Gun Dog Training Programs or demonstrate appropriate skill proficiency. At the end of this program, your dog will have the skills needed to be an advanced retriever in the field. You can expect your dog to do complex blind retrieves as well as multiple marks at extreme distances while showing steadiness and multiple mark memory. The goal here is to obtain the ultimate hunting companion, with your dog picking up 3-4 marks in heavy cover, under different conditions, and over many decoys. Your dog will also be able to run 250-300 yard blind retrieves with pinpoint accuracy

Advanced Gun Dog Training Includes:

Multiple Blinds
Triple and Quadruple Marks on Land and Water
Marks Combined with Blinds
Navigation of Multiple Terrains
Poison and Diversion Birds
Runoff Dog Stands, Boats, and Dog Blinds

This is a 3- 4 Month Additional Program, After Completion of our Basic & Intermediate 
Your Investment: $850/Month

Intermediate Gun Dog Training
Our Intermediate Gun Dog Training program will advance your dog’s skills, acquired in our Basic Gun Dog Training Program. Many complex and advanced drills are used during this training to teach your dog the skills of running blind retrieves on both land and water. Your dog will be introduced to difficult marking scenarios as well. You can expect your dog to quietly honor other dogs as they perform their retrieves. We take what your dog learned in Basic Gun Dog Training and add Blind Work, meaning they will be able to pick up a bird they did not see fall, up to 200 yards away, with obstacles in the way. Your dog will pick up multiple marks at various distances up to 100 yards.

Intermediate Gun Dog Training Include:

Blind Retrieves
Multiple Marks


This is a 2 - 4 Month Additional Program, After Completion of our Basic Gun Dog Program
Your Investment: $850/Month

Gun Dog Tune-Ups / Refresher Course

We offer Tune-Ups for dogs who have completed Gun Dog Training with WWRT, to help them get into shape for the upcoming season, after a long summer break.


Just like the old saying, "If you don't use it, you lose it". A Tune-Up program is a great way to get your dog back into shape and to get that nose working again.

This is a 1-month program

Your Investment: $850

Breeding Labradors_West Wind Retrievers

Puppy Head Start Program

The Puppy Head Start Program is the very best way to introduce your new puppy (2-5 months old) to the life of the hunting retriever. We take a limited number of puppies for this program. It takes a lot of time to properly socialize puppies, which is an incredibly important step in building the foundation for hunting dog development. Once this program is completed, your dog will be ready to start formal obedience at 6 months of age and have been introduced to water, decoys, gunshots, bumpers, and ducks.

This is a 1-month program

Your Investment: $850

*We also accept dogs that have not been through WWRT’s Gun Dog Training. Once we have established their skill level we will match them to a program that we offer. 


11368 Windsor Blvd., Windsor, VA 23487


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