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West Wind Studs & Dames

British, English and American Labrador Retrievers


Labrador retrievers remain the nation's most popular dog breed in the world. 

Labradors are Intelligent, Even Tempered, Kind, Outgoing, Agile, Trusting, Gentle.

Truly a man's (or women's) best friend.

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Breeding Program


Here at West Wind Retrievers, the breeding selection process is never taken lightly.  Much thought comes into play before the breeding.


First, each sire and dame in our breeding program must be over two years old, trained, and must have been tested for and receive a passing report on hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye conditions, and DNA recessive genes such as PRCD, PRA, CNM, and EIC. Any potential sires and dams falling below grade based on x-ray evaluations, ophthalmology evaluations, and genetic testing are automatically excluded from the breeding pool.


Secondly, we compare attributes of each potential sire and dam in an attempt to mate only those dogs that reasonably assure us that the puppies resulting from the union will possess the health and trainability attributes that we strive to achieve. 

Our Sires



Registered: Cresthill's Chief Scout MH Welp Date:  3/15/18  


This boy handles like a dream. He lives to hunt, extremely smart and good-looking.

Stud Fee: $1000.00


Registered: Brinks Smokin Gun       

His sire is AFC Brink's Buster Brown QA2   His Damn Swift Crescent Moon MH QA2


Gunner is an extremely well bred handsome chocolate male and a MH

Stud Fee: $1000.00


Registered: Locust Groves Eli

Hunting Retriever Champion / MH

Eli is the perfect all around hunting/competition dog. The most loving and hard working dog anyone could ask for. He works for a guide in Canada all season averaging 1100-1500 birds a season and still finds time to be active in the Hunt Test.


All health clearance are clear and up to date.

Stud Fee: $1000.00


AKC:  SS14012206

Registered: HRCH Candlewoods always Sonny in RVA SH

Born 8/14/2019

Sonny has the looks and perfect temperament and is super sweet. He loves picking up birds. He has 2 master passes. Can go all day in the field then come home and chill.

Owned by Jay & Chris Tinsman

Stud Fee: $1000.00  


AKC: SS15960503

Registered: HR Tito Ellis SH

British Labrador with the rich red color and looks to die for.

Tito has 4 Finished passes. He’s off for the winter to hunt.

Stud Fee: $1000.00


AKC: SS08223304

Registered: Crusoe Robinson SH
Crusoe has all the go you would want in a dog, excellent marking ability, with a great build, great looks, and a nice chocolate color. Clear on all genetics, hips good, elbows normal.

Owned by Evan Stargel

Stud Fee: $1000.00


AKC: SR93975002


Buddy has had a wonderful run. Well rounded boy with a good nose. He is smart and has a drive that won’t quit. He has feelings and he loves to please. He is gentle with anyone who will give him attention.

Owned by Paul Brown

Genetics clear

PRA carrier

Stud Fee: $1000.00

Our Dames

Our Girls


Registered: Bayou Black's

This beautiful girl earned her Hunter's Retriever Champion (HRCH) at 17 months. She also has her MH title.  17/17 Hunt Test and never fails. All genetic testing has been uploaded to the OFA database along with hips and elbows. She has a 5 Generation Pedigree! Contact us for details. 
Whelp Date: 4/29/16

All health clearances 


Registered: Candleberry's Southern Belle. Welp Date: 04-01-2019
This girl has tons of go!

Her sire was 2018 national champion NFC FC AFC

Her damn was Cape Fear two-dollar pistol MH CGC



Welp Date: June 2019

AKC SS12855707
Dora is a British Labrador who comes from a long line of Field champions.
She has tons of drive and trainability. She is also a guide dog in Wyoming and in her first season she picked up over 38 Geese and 60 ducks.  She is absolutely beautiful. 

Black Maggie


Welp Date:  June 2014
Black Maggie  is Master Hunter MH and Hunting Retriever Champion HRCH
AKC SR83275005
UKC R286949
OFA Hips Good/Elbows Normal
Clear on genetics 
Her sire is GRHRCH, MH. Her Dam is HRCH and UH. She has an excellent pedigree.


Maggie is lovable and sweet with a turn-off switch. In the field a little rocket that loves her job.


Registered: Cuttin her Loose

Welp Date: 8/13/2018  

Lucy has achieved her SH.

 This beautiful girl has exceptional marking ability and loves her job! She is a small statue girl with tons of go


Registered: HR Teal Duchess of the March SH
AKC SS15490607

Teal has her Senior and Hunting retriever title, along with 2 finished passes. Teal is an avid hunter during the winter with a total turn-off switch sleeping on the couch after a good hunt.



Registered: Westwinds Rising From The Ashes
AKC SS21036308
UKC R314-012

Born 09/11/2020
Ash has her HR title.

Ash has a nose on her that won’t quit, great marking ability and super smart


11368 Windsor Blvd., Windsor, VA 23487


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